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Unlike other services that will charge you more at night and in events, we do not charge extra anytime!!
  • Flag $2.25
  • $2.75 First 1/10th Mile
  • $0.25 each additional 1/10th Mile
  • $0.35 each 1-Minute Wait
  • $1.00 Airport Toll
  • $10.00 Minimum from Airport
  • $1.00 Extra passenger over 12 years of age. Personal Care attendant with identification accompanying a disabled passenger rides at no charge.
  • $1.00 Surcharge if driver handles more than 2 suitcases or if grocery, laundry or other similar bags and items exceed the capacity of the trunk of the cab.
  • Please note that the cab fares are regulated by the CITY OF MILWAUKEE.
  • Do you know that a cab could cost less than a shuttle from a lot of areas especially when 2 or more people are sharing a cab to the Airport? To learn what Milwaukee has to offer visit
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