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The oldest cab company serving city of milwaukee and its surrounding neighborhoods.

we are operating in Milwaukee area


Customer Satisfaction

All our customers are happy


Reaction Time

We have available cars almost 100% of the time


City Coverage

We can drive you anywhere in Milwaukee any time 24/7.

Milwaukee Area Coverage

Currently we are serving city of milwaukee and all it's surrounding neighborhoods.

we are working anywhere in Milwaukee and all its surrounding areas. our sole purpose is to please our customers by giving them a lifetime experience with our taxi services. everything with us is top notch, from the cars to the service itself. no matter if you're a customer or an employee we'll be there for you and your needs.

local routes

We guarantee to take customers through shortest and fastest routes, out ultimate goal is to achieve perfection

Abroad travels

$20 minimum charge outside Milwaukee County.

Fix rates anytime in the day

Unlike other taxi service in Milwaukee, we do not charge extra even at night!!


Our Drivers

All our drivers are professionals:

01 Experienced drivers with skills--non-smoking
02 Drivers from any races and social circles
03 Trained to perfection - you can test their skills today

if you are interested in joining our team feel free to drop us a line or Call us"

Contact us via email or call us


We are Yellow Cab Milwaukee

Travel safer, faster

and comfortable!


24/7 we are at your services

For any queries or requests Call us, use out Apps, or email us


to the core!

About Yellow Cab

The oldest cab company serving City of Milwaukee and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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  info (@) yellowcabmilwaukee.com
  1747 North 6th Street